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BOSS has always developed products with the practical, real-world needs of musicians in mind. One of the most basic needs for any musician is keeping their instrument in tune.

First and foremost, BOSS tuners deliver accuracy and reliability that players can count on. Going beyond these essentials, our tuners are designed with many innovative functions to help users perform various tuning tasks with high efficiency and minimal effort.

BOSS offers a wide selection of tuner models for all types of musicians, from guitarists and bassists to orchestra players and music educators.

Clip-on Tuners

Just clip on and tune instantly.

A clip-on tuner provides quick and easy tuning right on the headstock of a stringed instrument, detecting sound vibration as a string is played.

It works not only with electric guitars and basses, but also instruments like acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

Compact, durable construction provides perfect portability, making these models easy to carry in an instrument case or bag.
(TU-03 has also a metronome function.)

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Tuner & Metronome

Tuning and rhythm training in one.

When practicing a musical instrument, it’s important to be in tune. It’s also extremely useful to play along with a metronome to build timing accuracy.

The compact TU-30 and the clip-on TU-03 feature both a tuner and a metronome, providing two essential practice tools in one handy package.

Offering far more than a simple timing click, the TU-30’s metronome includes many rhythm patterns and beats for practicing any musical genre.

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Pedal Tuners

The best tuner for stage players.

BOSS pedal tuners are used daily by top musicians on concert stages around the world. Part of the famous compact pedal lineup, these models offer rock-solid construction for years of heavy use.

The high-power LED provides visibility for accurate tuning in any situation, from dark stages to outdoor gigs in bright sunlight.

This type of tuner is ideal for use on pedalboards, including those that incorporate switching systems.

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Needle-type Tuner

Reliable tuning with an analog meter.

Many professionals prefer a traditional needle-type chromatic tuner, because subtle tuning differences can be identified very easily.

The TU-12EX has a connection for an electric instrument, as well as an onboard microphone for tuning any type of acoustic instrument.

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Clip-on Chromatic TunerTU-01

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Clip-on Tuner & MetronomeTU-03

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Clip-on Chromatic TunerTU-10

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Tuner & MetronomeTU-30

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Chromatic TunerTU-12EX

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Chromatic TunerTU-3

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Chromatic TunerTU-3S

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Chromatic TunerTU-3W

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