eBand Song List Editor Ver.1.03 for macOS 10.15

As a safeguard against unexpected damage to your files that might be caused by the system or driver, we recommend that you back up your files before you use this software.
[ Ver.1.03 ] MAR 2020
  • macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15) is now supported.

[ Ver.1.02 ]
  • The problem in which pressing the DELETE button displayed an error dialog box was corrected.

[ Ver.1.01 ]
  • Fixed the bug that it cannot export a song data recorded on the eBand mode of BR-80 as WAV format.

Perform the following procedure after expanding.
* This is required only on the first operation.
  1. Click the icon while pushing the [control] key.
  2. Select the [Open] from the displayed menu.
  3. Click the [Open] button after the message to confirm the execution is displayed.

* During using the application, if a message prompting you to allow access appears, click [ OK ].

Operating System
macOS 10.15
Screen resolution and color depth
1024 x 768 pixels, 32,000 colors or more

* This product has been verified to work with typical computers that meet the above requirements, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on every such computer. Computers that have the same specifications may differ in processing power due to differences in their design and how the system is set up.
* The eBand gear is required in order to use eBand Song List Editor.
* For details on using eBand Song List Editor, refer to the eBand Song List Editor's [Help] menu item [Using eBand Song List Editor].

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