GT-1000 Driver Ver.1.1.1 for Windows 10/11

* It can also be used with GT-1000CORE.
When Using GT-1000 Ver.2.00 or later in Combination with BOSS TONE STUDIO for GT-1000 and the GT-1000 Driver

Use the most up-to-date versions in combination, as described below.
GT-1000 itself
GT-1000 System Program Ver.2.00 or later

BOSS TONE STUDIO for GT-1000 Ver.2.0.0 for Windows or later

GT-1000 Driver
GT-1000 Driver Ver.1.1.1 for Windows 10/11

Uninstalling the Driver
When GT-1000 Driver Ver.1.0.0 for Windows 10 is installed, first follow the steps below to uninstall the driver.
  1. Disconnect all USB devices, and then start Windows.
    * Be sure to also remove the GT-1000's USB cable.
  2. Exit all applications before you begin the uninstallation.
    * Please wait for about 10 seconds until these applications exit completely.
  3. Right-click the start button and then click "Apps and Features" or "Programs and Features".
  4. In the list, select GT-1000 Driver, and then click "Uninstall" or "Uninstall/Change".
    * The driver is not installed if GT-1000 Driver is not displayed in the list.You do not need to uninstall the driver.
  5. If a message confirming the uninstallation appears, click "Uninstall".
  6. If a dialog box regarding User Account Control appears, click [Yes].
    * If you are asked to enter the password for an administrative account, sign in to Windows as a user whose Account Type is Administrator, and then perform the uninstallation.
  7. The display will indicate "The installed GT-1000 Driver will be uninstalled." and click the [OK].
  8. When the message "Uninstallation was completed." is displayed, click [OK] to restart Windows.

Your computer automatically downloads the Windows 10/11 driver from the Internet when a product requiring the driver is connected to the computer.
Downloading and installing the driver yourself is not necessary.

* Under normal conditions, the driver installation is completed in several minutes. It may take about 10 minutes depending on the Internet connectivity or if there are other drivers being installed for other devices.
* A problem may have occurred if the device is connected but cannot be used after waiting for 10 minutes.

If you're using a computer that is not connected to the Internet, or if the driver isn't downloaded automatically, then download the driver for Windows 10/11 manually.
To download it, use the [ DOWNLOAD ] button at the bottom of this page.

The downloaded file is an archive file in zip format. Right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.
The installation method for the driver is described in the README.txt file created after expanding the archive file. Before attempting to install the driver, be sure to read the README.txt file.

For information on what to do after installing the driver, refer to Readme.htm, which is created after installation.

* Please be aware that the information in Readme.htm related to "installing" is based on the case where the driver is automatically downloaded over the Internet.
* The information in Readme.htm might differ from what is on this page. For the most up-to-date information, refer to this page.

[ Ver.1.1.1 ] DEC 2021
Support for Windows(R) 11.
* The driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 10 (32-bit Edition) was not changed. It remains at version 1.1.0.
[ Ver.1.1.0 ] OCT 2018
Compatible with the GT-1000 Ver.1.20 or later.

Operating System
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 11: Ver.1.1.1
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 10 ( 64-bit Edition ): Ver.1.1.1
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 10 ( 32-bit Edition ): Ver.1.1.0
* Windows 10 Mobile is not supported.
Windows-compatible PC equipped with USB port
* ARM-based PCs are not supported.
* It cannot be used in a virtual Windows environment.
* Windows running on Mac is not supported.
Internet connection
* The Internet connection is needed to download the driver.

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